Malin Lobell

Central for Malin Lobell´s poetic, conceptual and critical approach is the participatory perspective, human´s relation to nature and the importance of plants. Malin Lobell is educated at Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden. Also visible in her artistic practice today is her studies as a Gardener.

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Humus economicus

Experiment för Utopier Agrikultura
Dela Trädgård BellevueFarm


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: Omkonst: Vår hungriga planet



Coming 2021

Spriten Kunsthall, Skien / Norway
12.11 - 12.12.2021
In collaboration with Åse Løvgren, Stine Gonsholt, Neal Cahoon and Skifte. Land (Sidsel Bonde, Frøydis Linden and Malin Lobell)

ART AS A CATALYST FOR CHANGE, seminar, Sustainible Societies for the Future, Malmö Artmuseum

Art+Research: Soil symposium with Kultivator, Accelerator, SU, Stockholm

HUMUS ECONOMICUS Soil Blindness and the Value of 'Dirt' in Urbanized Landscapes. Part of the art and researchteam based at National Historical Museums, Sweden and funded by Formas, a Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (2021-2024)

Malmö Konstmuseum, Sweden.
31.1 - 23.05.2021("Four sisters for Planthroposcene" until Oct 2021)
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fyra systrar_poster

Konstfrämjandet Västmanland with Jenny Berntsson and Åsa Norman

SKIFTE. LAND (Sidsel Bonde, Frøydis Linden and Malin Lobell)- Denmark/Sweden, support from Nordic Culturepoint

"Dantes edible perennials", Illustrations in Koloniträdgården no 1-4 2021.


November -(P)Art of The Biomass doing research for Seagardens (Havskolonier) and visiting Sandböte/Skärgårdsstiftelsen and Tjärnö marina lab, Strömstad.

havskolonier 4-6 September, Norway, 19-25 October, Sweden, with support from Nordic Culturepoint.


16 August (P)Art of the Biomass presents: The Sea Garden/Havskolonier
Janna Holmstedt and Malin Lobell participates in the Water Market, curated by Mossutställningar at Strömparterren, Stockholm, Sweden. Akt III: Vatten, Scen 5: Vattenmarknaden – Intervju med Janna Holmstedt och Malin Lobell

Seagardens at Mossutställningar


Playing bumle-bee and helping pollinating tomatoes indoors during Pandemic isolation.

4 May Guest lecturer at the Master course in Urban Social-Ecological Systems at Stockholm Resilience Center

Workshop hos FiberArt Sweden


5- 15 October Artist -in -Residence with Sidsel Bonde &Frøydis Linden at Storteigen, Øystese, Norway. SKIFTE work in progress webpage:

15 Aug-Sep "Hungry planet", Passagen Linköpings Konsthall. Group Exhibition: Tom Bogaard, Malin Lobell, Tyrone Martinsson, Peter Ojstersek, Carolina Parra Thompson, Gunnel Pettersson, Xavier Villafranca. curated by Peter Ojstersek ."

As a satellit to the exhibition Hunger på en störd planet was installed at Skylten Kulturhus . The work was a collaboration with Gunnel Pettersson. Klorofyllbaren serving drinks and smoothies.


10-14 June SKIFTE Research trip to Denmark and Sweden visiting farmers.

6 June "With the plants as host"- A walk, talk and draw tour, Hagaparken, Solna Kulturförvaltning.

19 May Invitation to Allting, (P)Art of the Biomass – a collaboration between Janna Holmstedt and Malin Lobell – related to soil and nature rights at the Earth Market [Jordmarknaden], Mossutställningar, May 2019 (ongoing collaboration) more info>>>

The importance of Being Earthworm Vikten av att vara Daggmask as a lectureperformance at The Earthmarket/ Jordmarknaden, Mossutställningar

29 April Visiting lecturer at the Master course in Urban Social-Ecological Systems at Stockholm Resilience Center

13 April- 4 May "Hyllning", Ludvika Konsthall, soloexhibition

4 April "Working with the Vegetal", Stockholm University of the Arts
Presentation" The way a plant shares itself with us" seminar organized by Anette Arlander

"Dantes edible perennials", Illustrations in Koloniträdgården no 1-4 2019.

Dantes Ätbara perennere Lind Svartrot och svinrot


KRP kultur and Allas trädgård at Kronoparken, Karlstad continues to grow...

6 Nov Malmö stad visited BellevueFarm

May 2018- Jan 2019 "Man and Biosphere - Precarious Situations " an interdisciplinary, site-specific project initiated by Caroline Mårtensson in cooperation with Kristianstads Konsthall, Naturum Vattenriket and artists Malin Lobell, Nils Magnus Sköld, Terje Östling and Johannes Stripple political scientist. Public start-up May 18, 2018, program during summer and exhibition Oktober 2018 - Janury 2019. As part of the public program, two different hikes were organised, coordinated by Malin Lobell and Caroline Mårtensson and documented by Terje Östling.

Hiking as method/ Vandring som metod: Vandring över vall och deponi- Utflykt till havet more >>>

To the right: Sandcity by invited artist Jenny Berntsson, as part of the hike by the sea.

"To my daughters( to be continued)" The work want to celebrate women that in different ways has been involved in climate or environmental issues. Portraited are Elisabeth Tamm, Polly Higgins, Petra Wadström, Toby (a character in Margret Atwoods novel "The Waterless flood"), Monica Gagliano, Elinor Ostrom, Vandana Shiva and Maria Greger.

(Anthotype and drawing. Size 60x90cm )

Till mina döttrar


9 June- 19 August Experiment för utopier Ystad Konstmuseum. Group exhibition curated by Gunnel Pettersson. Participating artists and designers: Amit Sen, Anders Emilsson, Caroline Mårtensson & Patrik Bengtsson, Gunnel Pettersson, Gylleboverket med Jona Elfdahl, Etta Säfve & Shelley Sharr, Kristina Lindström & Åsa Ståhl, Madeleine Tunbjer & Clea van Berkel, Malin Lobell, Peter Ojstersek, Petra Lilja. more info>>>

We are the plan(ts)


20 April keylecture at Landskapsarkitekturdagen 2018- Divide, Cross & Connect ; SLU Alnarp

18 April Visiting lecturer at the Master course in Urban Social-Ecological Systems at Stockholm Resilience Center.

Bellevue Farm Open with support från Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm Stad

16 February Lecture at ISSUE´s workshop about "Integrating Sustainability Strategies in Urban Environmen"t invited by Sara Borgström , KTH ( Att skapa och utveckla gröna kvaliteter för social hållbarhet)

KRPKultur Kronoparken Karlstad, with support from Kulturrådet.

"Dantes edible perennials", Illustrations in Koloniträdgården no 1-4 2018.



"Dantes edible perennials", Illustrations in Koloniträdgården no 1-4 2017.

May- Dec KRPKultur Kronoparken Karlstad, with support from Kulturrådet.

Research for a citizengarden with an oven as a center. In the process mobile gardens were built and a baking performance made: Flour+salt+water=Bread from all over the world( Mjöl+salt+vatten=Bröd från hela världen) In the citycenter an in-and-out temporary Arthall activated the closed youth recreation center.

Mjöl+salt+vatten=Bröd från helavärlden Performance aug 2017

Inoch utvända konsthallen på Kronoparken

Mobila odlingar på Kronoparken



October visiting Rothamstead Research Center and The Sample Archive

The sample archive


November - "Mask skulpturer" Konstföreningen Torget, Rinkeby

17 September "Bellevue Farm -Från ide till medborgarträdgård"föreläsning Stadsodlarfestival Vallastaden bomässan 2017

Bellevue Farm with support från Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm Stad. facebook/bellevuefarmstockholm



1 July- 27 August Agrikultura is an exhibition of public artworks, installations, meals, performances, urban interventions, and events to take place outdoors in Hyllie, Malmo. "Cluster" an edible edge forestgarden was a collaboration between me, Holma folkhögskola and artist Mary Mattingly. "The Importance of Being Earthworm" was my work that was integrated into Cluster and dealt with the value of soil, earthworms and composting.

Cluster and The Importance of Being Earthworm

Cluster preparation

1-2 June "Plantarium" at Linköping University, LIU.

May: "Parkprat", Solna Kommun.

26 April An artist talk "The Importance of Being Earthworm" at Dome of Vision, KTH

20 April Visiting lecturer at the Master course in Urban Social-Ecological Systems at Stockholm Resilience Center.

March : "Art, food, resources" a work with 12 years old kids." Konst mat och resurser" ett Skapande Skola projekt med årskurs 6 på Rotskärsskolan, Skutskär och i samarbete med Coop.

Skapande Skola i Skutskär



12 December: Changing what we eat- with help of art, design and gastronomy. The Food Climate research Network, based at University of Oxford is hosting an event in Stockholm in connection with the Nobel week dialogue on the Future of Food, together with co-organisers SLU Future Agriculture, Dome of visions , KTH and Art and Science Initiative.

10-16 Oktober: WANT 2016. (Workshop around Art Nature Technology) where art, science and philosophy met and work around issues of "Plant behavior" with the support of Prof. Stefano Mancuso's research. A paradigm shift for interaction between organisms. The program contained lectures, field studies, and artistic work to be presented in the Gallery and in the Garden of Daniel Spoerri. The WANT 2016 Workshop was a cooperation between Fondazione "Hic terminus haeret - Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri"ONLUS,Seggiano and LINV - International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology, Florence. more info>>>

My participation in WANT2016 was made with support from Iaspis:

Iaspis logga

Oktober: Minnet av en stad - förstudie/skissuppdrag för Solna stad tillsammans med Annelie Wallin

3 September:" Boda dagen" at the Glass Factory, Im going to have a walk & talk about plants as resilient beings, food and fytoremediators, as a small part of the project "Massa i rörelse/Moving Mass". Invited by Caroline Mårtensson.


29 Augusti: Kulturskyddsföreningen flyttar ut!

Work in progress: "Moving fields". On landreforms, agriculture, soil, earthworms, barriers and passages in landscapes.

moving fields

Work in progress: To share a garden, in Stockholm: BelleveFarm. Cityfarming in your neighbourhood. A citizengarden with a vision of a meetingplace for humans, plants and pollinators.The base will be a forestgarden complemented with an annual part with space for cooking, lectures and workshops on issues around cultivating, food, art, composting, biodiversity, pollinators and fytoremediation.more info

Follow on: BellevueFarm or on: facebook/bellevuefarmstockholm

bellevuefarm under construction


In search of Ararat meeting in Stockholm and Helsinki, building a nordic art network on environmental and climate issues.

11 January: A talk at Köttinspektionen, Uppsala, art and artist in school, Skapande Skola. arranged by KC-öst.


November: Got a scholarship from Agora Collective in Berlin to take part in the programme; Everything under the sun a project on arts, food and ecology.

11 November Samtal om konsten i omställning till hållbar utveckling. Program och anmälan. En del av Experiment Stockholm, Färgfabriken

Autumn: One of five artist in the dialogue about art and transition as a part in Stockholm Resilience Center and the ARTS-project.

>>> Stockholm Resilience Center

>>> Accelerating transition in EU

"Dantes edible perennials", Illustrations in Koloniträdgården nr 3 and nr 4 2015 & 2016

myrhiss odorata

Odla staden/ farm the city- en av inbjudna bloggare Naturhistoriska museet

2 September: "My edible neighbourhood", an edible walk through Norrmalm, as a part of Norrmalms stadsdelsförvaltnings focus on the new programme for parkplanning. An exhibition about the new programme will be held at Kulturhuset, Sergelstorg.

My edible neighbourhood


May : Subrosa 2015, Malmö. Workshop at Törnrosen. Housing for small beings. A collaboration with Östra Grevie Folkhögskolas Art programme and MKB as a part of the biennal for art in public in the residential area of Rosengård; Malmö. more info

subrosa logga 2015

Subrosa Insect Hotel  and Subrosa Garden


April: Guest teacher with the course Symbios at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design as a part of the Bachelors degree programme of Fine Art. Together with artist Annelie Wallin.

Autumn 2014 and Winter 2015:

Climate and sustainibility has been on the schedule during the autumn for the third years pupils at Högsätraskolan, Lidingö. In February we will make an art intervention at ICA Supermarket in Larsberg. "No bees, no apples. If the pollinators die, we will die". I was invited by the school to make a pilotproject about art, climate and sustainibility together with the 9 years old children. The project is supported by Kulturrådet, Skapande skola. more info

Autumn 2014:

21th of September Gröna Linjens odlingssafari 2

Gröna Linjens Odlingssafari genom



15th of June "Gröna Linjens Odlingssafari 1". Gröna Linjen Project is a vibrant transdisciplinary platform of artists, architects, performers, geographers and more.more info

Anna Maria Orrus: Extracting Urban Food Potential: design-based methods for digital and bodily cartography. Publisched in Future of food Journal. Vol3 N.1 (2015) Special Issue: Finding Spaces for Productive Cities.

can plants be political


26 May - 31 August Dela trädgård (To share a garden) a sitespecific garden installation in Anderstorp. A project together with Annelie Wallin. Invited by Gislaveds kommun and the project Konsten att påverka.

Dela trädgård i Anderstorp 2014



17-18 May "Politisk Konst" Sveriges Konstföreningar arrangerar ett konstbildningsseminarium i Umeå i samverkan med Bildmuseet, Verkligheten och Sensus studieförbund. mer info Intervju i Tidning om Politisk konst

Intervju Malin Lobell


20-23 March Inbjudan att bygga Ideträdgården Urbanodling 3.0 med Stadsodling Stockholm, Nordiska trädgårdar, Älvsjömässan mer info


12 February- 16 March Exhibition and guest teacher at Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän Take a walk with the Park. Malin Lobell

Gerlesborg utställning Malin Lobell



20 September "Park(ing)Day på Klosteret" Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen. mer info

7 September Peppar och Pumpa Skördefest. Stadsodling Stockholm medverkar

and I made a prototype for a "sharing-a- garden-bag" with a content of 6 small plants from seed-spread plants of Fragaria Vesca from Observatoriegatan 18, Stockholm.

Spring and summer 2013:

19 June- 11 august "VäxtArt" group exhibition, Bryggeriet i Nora.


15 June- 28 July "FACIT" group exhibition, Åtvidaberg. mer info

11 May- 9 June Soloexhibition at Gallery BOX, Gothenburg. "Under Control by Malin Lobell".

Under Kontroll av Malin Lobell

more info


4th May- September "Matsoldater/gerillagardener". Täppan i Beredskap, Armemuseum, Stockholm. With support from LRF and Wexthuset mer info



21 April 17-19 Seminar at Studiefrämjandet/Konstskolan Basis, Folkungagatan 147, Stockholm: Konst och stadsodling- som etiskt och politiskt uttryck i det offentliga rummet. mer info

11-14 April The new network for citygardening in Stockholm at Trädgårdsmässan Nordiska Trädgårdar(Nordic Garden Show)

Stadsodling Stockholm

Follow us: www.facebook/stadsodlingstockholm

22 March Lecture at KTH, Landscape Design Studio and the course "Grow the city"

January 2013 Book- release: The book explores how to work as an artist in society, outside art-institutions. The context is art as dialogue-based and situation-specific. The sites are various working-places in Sweden. The book contains projects done between 2005-2009 and is a cooperation with artist Camilla Carlsson. Working title: To exhibit inside someone else's head - on dialogue and artistic processes. With support from Längmanska Kulturfonden. Distributed through ArtAgentPress or buy from

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intern-extern dialog


I have a plan(t) - four conceptual seedpackets will now be sold at Uppsala konstmuseum, Marabouparken, Konst-ig bokhandel, Malmö Konsthall or Buy them from
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I have a plan(t)seedpacket



2013: Proposal for a mobile garden and artproject at Norra Latin/Norra Bantorget Stockholm during next summerseason.

Map over the garden at 1840 map 1840




13-22 September : A site; today empty, just a gravel, yesterday a school. A participatory green, artproject in Alby together with Tove Axelsson, artist/gardener and Anna Källblad, choreographer. Project leader Agnes Fischer, Jord-Nära.

To share a gardento share a garden more info



July 2012: Exhibition at Gocart gallery, Visby together with Tommy Mäkinen,Daniel Grunditz, Ruben Wätte and Stickkontakt. Seminars and lectures on street art and art in public spaces.

4 July: Gocart Gallery, Visby, Almedalen. Malin Lobell and Ulrika Flodin Furås, journalist and writer talks about green intervention in the citylandscape- from green artprojects, individual actions to community gardens and cityfarming.


Kan växter bli politiska?



February 2012: Supermarket, Kulturhuset Stockholm invited by artist Annelie Wallin at IDI galleri. Our projects includes green interventions in the cityscape. Dealing with questions about hierarchy of aesthetics and ethic values and relations between people.
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